“Sari helps me make my life easier."

"We talk about planning, study time, even peer pressure at school. She is like having a good friend to talk to about anything. Coaching makes me feel really good.” 

Ross S., Birmingham, Mich.

“There are not enough words to articulate the value I found in the coaching services of Sari Baskin-Blackman."

She has an incredible ability to listen. Her coaching helped me achieve important personal goals. I love the homework she provided to keep me on track. She is a true gem, and her coaching services are certain to move anyone into a positive direction and help them live the most optimal life possible.”

C.G., Farmington Hills, Mich.

“Sari is simply amazing! Her life coaching sessions with my corporations were exactly what we needed to build a positive team environment and give us the tools to address conflict management and grow together toward a bigger vision. I highly recommend Sari to every single employer.”
 Robin Silas, CEO, Silas Home Care

“Sari helped me put balance into my life…"

I was so stressed trying to juggle family, work and make time for me. Sari’s strategies are fantastic, simple and they really work….Thank you, SARI!”

Ellen J., Rochester Hills, Mich.

“Sari has a talent for engaging people and cultivating relationships in a way that brings dreams to the surface. It’s a gift.”

R.W. - Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 

Sari Baskin is fantastic!  Sari has helped my son like no one else.  Her strategies and instructional coaching simply work.  She provided my son with the hows and whys of effective time management while providing the support needed for successful implementation. Before working with Sari, my son had zero tools for navigating his college classes.  Sari's guidance and coaching have been the single most powerful key to my son's success and I am thankful for it.  My son underwent a major transformation.  He feels confident, rejuvenated,and empowered after working with Sari.  I would highly recommend Sari Baskin to anyone needing help getting their life on track.

-C.M., Northville, MI