Coaching vs. Therapy

In the military, it's known as the 5 P's- Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. 

Many people fail because they have no plan in place AKA fail to plan, plan to fail. 

As coaches we recognize that many people fail because of the excuses they are attached to that hold them back. 

Many times, clients have a lack of confidence, no patience accompanied with high expectations. 

Many people want success instantly and they’re not willing to work for it or are lazy and make excuses. 

Coaches remind people that everything good takes time and that you actually have to put a plan in place or create a target so you know what to aim for. 

Most of the time the only thing holding people back from success is themselves. A goal without Without a plan is just a Wish. Coaches help you to stop wishing, and start doing.

Coaches create accountability, action, and success.

Yours truly,